Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Living Life

Do you ever have days where you wake up completely exhausted even though you rocked it really good in bed last night? I'm not talking about sexy time with the husband. I'm talking about head hitting the pillow and passing out and sleeping a full nine hours rocking it in bed sleep. According to my fitbit I was only awake for 40 minutes last night. Total sleeping time of a little over 9 hours. That's almost like finding a unicorn in the forest for me. I normally don't sleep so well and I don't need my fitbit to tell me that. How do you get a good night of sleep internet?

Anyway I spent most of the day exhausted and in need of a nap so what did I do? It's funny you should ask because I just sort of went outside for about an hour and spent around 20 minutes or so watering my trees and flowers and then on the inside of the house I wiped down a few counters and rinsed a few dishes to put in the dishwasher and I dusted the floors and wiped up the piles of dust. Where does all of that dust come from anyway? I usually do this two times a day.

If course I fixed dinner which was an easy task because I baked a bunch of stew meat in some spices and sauces and then shredded the meat yesterday. We had burritos with the meat and refried beans and cheese. We also had salad and cherries yesterday for dinner. Today we had tostadas with beans and cheese and the shredded meat. Lettuce and tomatoes and more cheese topped our crunchy tostadas and we had some spicy Mexican rice too. We had chocolate custard for a really tasty treat after dinner thanks to my husband's work. I'm glad he brings home yummy snacks sometimes.

I have a bit of the shredded meat left over and I suppose I'll make soft tacos or something tomorrow. Maybe have another salad and more rice or beans to round out our tour of Mexico at Mama's Kitchen (ya know me).

Then after tomorrow I'll need to fry up some chicken and make a nice chicken gravy and some potatoes and perhaps some peas to make it look like I'm trying to make something healthy. And after that who knows. I certainly don't. Too far away to plan because maybe I will be craving something. All I know is that I'll be cooking something for the people who I love.

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