Sunday, July 21, 2019

My Family

I used to blog until my fingers bled. I loved it because I could voice my feelings and frustrations and worries. On the flipside of that pancake I could also share my triumphs and celebrations. Those are always fun.

A little background for those of you who don't know me. My youngest is in middle school and has some pretty major orthopedic issues.  As an infant the first orthopedic surgeon we visited wanted to amputate his leg. We high tailed it out of that office quickly. We have been with our second opinion for almost 12 years and my son still has his leg. It's referred to "the expensive leg" around here. He has had a dozen or more surgeries and will likely have more and the sad truth is that it's possible that after all of these years of surgeries and therapies that he could still lose his leg. But right now things are good. Good is good. I like good.

He is amazing and smart and funny and most of all a kind and compassionate kid. I've been truly blessed with this loveable little boy of mine.

My oldest is healthy and I pray that she stays that way. She's about to begin high school and I'm proud and excited and oh so nervous. Gosh she's so smart. Like in all of the AP classes and still makes all A's and maybe a B or 2 on all of her report cards smart. I joke that there must have been a baby mix up at the hospital because no way my DNA passed on brains that smart. My husband jokes too but says that the kids got their brains from me. I beg to differ but Love that he compliments me like that.

My husband is my love. After more than 20 years together he still makes me so happy when he does those little things like when he kisses me as soon as he walks in the door when he makes it home from work. He is patient and kind and puts up with me. Sometimes I'm moody and distant and grumpy and disagreeable yet he still loves me. I'm blessed for sure.

Me? I'm just me. I like to read books but can go on a reading hiatus that can last for weeks and weeks and weeks and then I'll remember a book I wanted to read that I saw someplace while out and about or maybe I saw someone holding a book and was all 'hey I want that book' so I check it out at the library and see a few that strike my interest so I grab those and then I check out from most of life for a few days.

I work but only part time. I need to remain a bit open and available just in case medical issues arise. Colds and flus and tummy aches and surgeries and recovering from said surgeries.....I'm the main one in charge of that circus.

So tell me something about you? Link to your blog?  Do you like to read? Favorite books? It's okay to reveal spoilers because sometimes that's the thing that intrigues me the most.

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